Máy cắt Mica rập nhựa, mica

Máy cắt rập nhựa, mica ATP JET GTM
Integrates Value with state of the art Inkjet
  • Encoder strip to ensure the Accuracy
  • Easy knife changing and maintenance
  • Low working noise

 New features:
  • Panasonic motor system (option)
  • Imported axis-parts and import main spindle, high speed lift & fall motor from Taiwan
  • New vacuum system supply continue stable vacuum during the cutting
  • Best cutting accuracy and best plotting quality and best milling quality
  • 24 hours non-stop working even hard working environment
  • 1 machine, 3 functions -  cutting, milling and plotting
  • Can cut diferrent nonmetal material
  • Automatic adjustment for the height accoring to the material
  • Dust-proof cutting structure

Working Width Other Size can customize 120cm x 90cm
(47.24 inch x 35.43 inch)
120cm x 150cm
(47.24 inch x 59.06 inch)
Speed 1000 mm/s
AC Power 110V/220V @50 - 60 Hz
Max Power Consumption 350W Cutter / 1500W Pump / 1200 Vaccum Cleaner
Material / Thickness of Cutting Non-Metallic plate or paper (60 - 1000g/m2) / 6mm
Material Fixing Vaccum
Approach of Upgrade For special thick and special material we can customize for you
Working Cutting Precision Tolerance < 1%

Paper Feeding System
  Inner diameter 3 inch, maximal outer diameter 12 inch, advised maximal weight 45 kg
(You also can customized by yourself some customer use 110 kg weight paper)
Front / Back paper feeding system (Front paper feeding system is default one)

High precision full alluminum construction, shaping one time by high precision CNC milling planer make sure our product's calibration is the best and life 5 times longer than others
File Formats Accepted HPGL (Other formate we can customize for you)
Pc Interface USB (Ethernet option)
Control Model Control panel is durable and easy to use. Remote control more safe
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) 1460 x 1730 x 1030 mm 2320 x 1730 x 1030 mm
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) 1890 x 1900 x 560 mm 2450 x 1900 x 560 mm
Packing Weight 230 kg 440 kg
Noise Level < 68 dB

Advantage Function
Garment pattern cutting, position punch for hot fix rhinestone, punching output for pin release, leather pattern punching, garment PVC pattern making, making fixture for automatic sewing machine, cutting mold paper pattern making for leather, miller + punching machine + cutter + plotter in on machine
Software Requirements WINDOWS 7/8 32/64 or WINDOWS XP